Dick Diven, Ph.D.


Dr. Dick Diven, creator and developer of the Low Cost Cow/Calf Program, is considered one of the leading beef cattle nutritionists on the cutting edge of the dynamic field of animal nutrition. As a consultant and teacher, he continually studies the scientific literature searching for advancements in nutrition and reproductive physiology. This new information serves as the basis for the company newsletter and frequent revisions of the student manual for the School. Dick received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Arizona. He has conducted large animal research at the University and in the chemical/pharmaceutical industry. For the past 30 years, he has served as an independent consultant to the cattle industry. Dick works with progressive ranchers who recognize the value of working in concert with nature to enhance their profitability.

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The Low Cost Cow/Calf Program

… a proven method of managing the cowherd to measurably increase healthy calving and permit major reductions in the expenses attributable to traditional systems. Through brief but intensive, comprehensive training, the Rancher masters the knowledge necessary to make the land the sole source of sustainable feed energy requirements.

The Rancher is provided with the tools needed to increase conception rates, the most critical factor determining the economic success of a cow/calf operation. Knowledge of the phases of animal tissue growth and development allows the Rancher to match the cow’s annual cycle to the land.

With a thorough understanding of the nutrient requirements of cattle, the Rancher can take control of the nutrition program. Using a simplified formulation method, he/she can build more precise, less costly forage supplements that lead to improved animal performance. Should the Rancher require occasional support or consultation, expert assistance remains available.